Sydney most intricate and freshest nail art! We give you beautifully sculptured nail enhancements and gel manicures.


Beautifully sculptured nail extensions with the use of acrylic system. Nails are created from scratch with a nail form tucked under nail free edge. More naturally looking and more lasting.


Gel Manicure over your natural nails. Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, your choice of gel colour and you can choose to add on nail art.


Your nail art fantasy starts here. Add on some intricate hand painted, embossed or even 3D nail art to doll up your nails.


Gentle file down and using foils wraps with adsorbent pads to remove gel polishes or acrylic nail enhancements. Only the right and best method used to prevent any damage to your natural nails.


Meet the team behind Nailxbit

Alvina T

Founder & Nail Artist

    Willian S

    Co-Founder & Analyst

      Christopher H

      Accounts & Bouncer


        Everything you need to know about Alvina T and what you are getting at Nailxbit

        Best Nail Design in Sydney

        Freshest Japanese nail art in Sydney! Nailxbit is a home based nail salon by Alvina T. She graduated and is fully certified with distinction by a renowned international nail academy that is recognised by various countries' International Nail Systems and Nail Associations such as Japan, Korea and US. Not only can Alvina hand paints intricate nail art on your nails, she is also able to make your nails pop with an elegant 3d Camellia flower or a cute Hello Kitty. With a background in graphic design and her mad passion for fashion, your nails will always be on trend. Alvina is educated and trained with the knowledge of nail health and hygiene. She understands your nail anatomy, the diseases that may harm your nails and the types of products that are safe for your nails. You do not have to worry about a painful experience while doing extension or getting a nail removal. Book your appointment now for a fun and personal nail pampering experience.

        Nail Salon

        • 31 Cook St, Turrella NSW 2205
        • Tue - Fri: 7PM - 9PM (only gel manicure)
          • Sat: 10AM - 4PM
          • Follow our IG or FB for updates of public holidays openings


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          Our services and nail art questions that you need to know

          How is Nailxbit different?

          What sets Nailxbit apart from other salons is that Alvina is able to hand paint funky design, intricate lace design or even 3D nail art such as a Camellia flower to fulfill your love for Chanel on your nails. Getting married? We can also doll up your nails bridal style so that you will look absolutely stunning on the day with a set of beautiful nails. Additionally, the products used in Nailxbit are safe and of high quality. You do not have to worry about damaging your natural nails with products that might be banned in Australia but might still being used in some salons without your knowledge. Nail experiences should be fun and not painful at all! Alvina is trained to handle your nails the right way and she understands the anatomy of your nails. She knows nail care, hygiene and the type of diseases that will harm your nails. You and your nails will be in safe hands at Nailxbit.

          What is the difference between Shellac and Gel?

          Shellac and Gel are essentially the same thing. They are both gel polishes that are longer lasting than normal polishes and they need to be cured under UV or LED lamps. Most women are very used to saying the term “Shellac” because most salons in Australia are using this brand of gel polishes. In Nailxbit, we use gel polishes from Japan and Korea.

          Do you do Acrylic nail enhancement?

          Yes, we do Acrylic nail enhancement. Our Acrylic system is from the US and it is EMA, Ethyl Methacrylate that is safe for use on natural nails and far less likely to cause allergic reactions.

          Do you do nail tips extension?

          No, we do not use nail tips except for French. In Nailxbit, we make use of the sculpture nail extension system in which your nail enhancement is fully sculptured from scratch! Sculptured nails are bespoke, more beautiful, natural and durable.

          How is your Nail Art charged?

          Nail Art is charged based on the amount of time used. We have 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 and 150 minutes available. However, if you are only using Swarovski crystals, nail studs or nail charms on a normal gel overlay or acrylic extended gel overlay WITHOUT any Nail Art, that will be charged individually or as a set depending on how many used instead of the Nail Art prices available. For our full price list, please click here.

          Do you do Bridal Nail Art?

          Yes, we do! We love dolling up your nails and get them wedding ready. We can also do your bridesmaids’ nails. As Nailxbit is a home salon, we would appreciate if you can specify that you are looking to book an appointment for yourself and your (number of) bridesmaids. We can then make the arrangement and block off the time slot needed.

          Is booking necessary?

          Yes, it is. As Nailxbit is a home salon, booking would be essential to avoid any disappointment.

          I want a 3D Camellia flower!

          A 3D Camellia flower is the perfect flower on your nails! It is beautiful and elegant. As 3D Camellia flower would need to be made in advance, it is necessary to notify us when making your nail booking. Please note that to have a 3D Camellia flower, you would need to add on Nail Art services under Nail Art 60 – 150 minutes (inclusive of the time to make a Camellia flower). The gel nail art on your nails would then be adjusted accordingly to the Nail Art time booked minus the time to make a Camellia flower.

          How do I book an appointment?

          You can book your appointment by filling up our Contact form or emailing us at

          I need to change/cancel my appointment.

          Any changes of appointment (subject to slot availability) or cancellation has to be made 3 days before the appointment date. Simply email us at

          What are your operating hours?

          Tuesdays – Fridays 7PM – 9PM (only for gel manicure appointments with no nail art) and Saturdays 10AM – 4PM. For public holidays, please kindly check or follow us on our Instagram or Facebook page for updates.

          Is there parking around your home salon?

          Yes, street parking is available around the vicinity.

          Is there a train station from where you are?

          Yes, Nailxbit is located just 5 minutes from Turrella station. 

          Can I bring my kids, pets or partner?

          As much as we love kids, pets and your partner to accompany you, we would recommend not to as Nailxbit is a home salon and the space is limited.